How to find the best foreign exchange rates for large amounts?

Sending large amounts abroad is not the same problem as sending small amounts. And guess what? Even sending small amounts is very complex and far too expensive. Here I’m going to lead you to the way to find the best foreign exchange rates for large amounts.


Why the brokers are the best solutions to get the best foreign exchange rates?

The brokers are specialised in big amounts. Transferring big amounts abroad is their specialty but we have to keep in mind the fact that those services are still hiding fees, even though they are far cheaper than banks. It means that we have to keep focusing on negotiation with them.

The brokers are very expensive for small amounts but they tend to be competitive for larger amounts.


How to find the brokers which provide the best foreign exchange rates?

The best way to find the best broker is to compare them all. The issue is the fact that there is no way to compare them as they force you to register before being able to see what is the exchange rate they offer. That’s not fair. Now there is a solution called moneytis. It’s a comparison service that features the brokers’ rates in real-time. It’s useful to use that kind of comparator because there is no more need to compare all the others as the comparison service is specialized in comparing the best foreign exchange rates.


The brokers are used to sending big amounts and they can provide some good rates. The problem is that there is hidden fees and you always have to fight to negotiate them. Yes but not anymore. Now there are online comparison services such as moneytis, they stand for “Money transfer is simple” and they calculate all the hidden fees and sort the best solutions so that you are sure to get the best foreign exchange rates for large amounts.