The best US Dollar (USD) Euro (EUR) currency exchange rate

The best USD-EUR currency exchange rate is something nobody knows how to find. You know why? Because even though it’s easy to know what is the current mid-market exchange rate the best currency exchange rates are not easy to get. Indeed almost nobody can get the real exchange rate in real-time. So the most important is to know at which time the exchange rate is good compared to usual ones. Then we need to use a provider or simply negotiate your banks


Exchange rate notifications to get the best currency exchange rates

How am I able to receive notifications when the exchange rate is good? What is good?

I would say that a good exchange rate in a 2-weeks-high if I want to transfer my money within 2 months. Otherwise a good exchange rate is a 2-months-high if I need to make only one or two money transfers in the year. In order to get the best USD EUR currency exchange rate I would need a notifier to send me alerts. Exchange rates notifications are quite good when it comes to sending alerts, and they also offer additional services that can be interesting: such as a comparison of the best exchange rate providers.




You know when is the good time, now you need to find the good provider

The good provider is the one providing the best currency exchange rates at the moment when you need to send money abroad. So after having subscribed to exchange rates notifications, you get alerts, and then you need to get one exchange rate. You can ask your bank but it’s going to screw you. You should go to brokers or online money transfer operators. They are going to screw you too. But less. And then you can come back to your bank and start negotiating it. If it works. Good. Otherwise let’s use an alternative.


Fix your issue by subscribing for free to exchange rate notifications. And once you know it’s a good time to transfer USD to EUR then you can go to an online comparison service comparing the best money transfer options for your needs.