The best US Dollar (USD) Euro (EUR) currency exchange rate

The best USD-EUR currency exchange rate is something nobody knows how to find. You know why? Because even though it’s easy to know what is the current mid-market exchange rate the best currency exchange rates are not easy to get. Indeed almost nobody can get the real exchange rate in real-time. So the most important is to know at which time the exchange rate is good compared to usual ones. Then we need to use a provider or simply negotiate your banks


Exchange rate notifications to get the best currency exchange rates

How am I able to receive notifications when the exchange rate is good? What is good?

I would say that a good exchange rate in a 2-weeks-high if I want to transfer my money within 2 months. Otherwise a good exchange rate is a 2-months-high if I need to make only one or two money transfers in the year. In order to get the best USD EUR currency exchange rate I would need a notifier to send me alerts. Exchange rates notifications are quite good when it comes to sending alerts, and they also offer additional services that can be interesting: such as a comparison of the best exchange rate providers.




You know when is the good time, now you need to find the good provider

The good provider is the one providing the best currency exchange rates at the moment when you need to send money abroad. So after having subscribed to exchange rates notifications, you get alerts, and then you need to get one exchange rate. You can ask your bank but it’s going to screw you. You should go to brokers or online money transfer operators. They are going to screw you too. But less. And then you can come back to your bank and start negotiating it. If it works. Good. Otherwise let’s use an alternative.


Fix your issue by subscribing for free to exchange rate notifications. And once you know it’s a good time to transfer USD to EUR then you can go to an online comparison service comparing the best money transfer options for your needs.


How to find the best foreign exchange rates for large amounts?

Sending large amounts abroad is not the same problem as sending small amounts. And guess what? Even sending small amounts is very complex and far too expensive. Here I’m going to lead you to the way to find the best foreign exchange rates for large amounts.


Why the brokers are the best solutions to get the best foreign exchange rates?

The brokers are specialised in big amounts. Transferring big amounts abroad is their specialty but we have to keep in mind the fact that those services are still hiding fees, even though they are far cheaper than banks. It means that we have to keep focusing on negotiation with them.

The brokers are very expensive for small amounts but they tend to be competitive for larger amounts.


How to find the brokers which provide the best foreign exchange rates?

The best way to find the best broker is to compare them all. The issue is the fact that there is no way to compare them as they force you to register before being able to see what is the exchange rate they offer. That’s not fair. Now there is a solution called moneytis. It’s a comparison service that features the brokers’ rates in real-time. It’s useful to use that kind of comparator because there is no more need to compare all the others as the comparison service is specialized in comparing the best foreign exchange rates.


The brokers are used to sending big amounts and they can provide some good rates. The problem is that there is hidden fees and you always have to fight to negotiate them. Yes but not anymore. Now there are online comparison services such as moneytis, they stand for “Money transfer is simple” and they calculate all the hidden fees and sort the best solutions so that you are sure to get the best foreign exchange rates for large amounts.


The best foreign exchange rate today

Nowadays there is this difficulty to find the best foreign exchange rate. Millenials think it is very hard whereas it has never been so easy. Indeed there are many new services such as fintech services. They provide the best exchange rates online.


Today, we can get the best foreign exchange rate safely

Because we can’t get them using our banks, the question about the other providers is about safety. Now that regulators all over the world have acted in a way that prevents frauds in fintech companies, there are many new ways online which are secure and we can use them by simply checking on a money transfer comparison service.


They are also cheap

Using a comparison service is going to help expatriates or retired persons abroad to easily compare the best options, leading to the cheapest option if it’s what you are looking for when you need to use a good foreign exchange rate.




And the foreign exchange rate is fast

Then the question is about applying the best foreign exchange rate to the amount you currently have, for a money transfer which is going to be cross-border. Foreign exchange rates have always been hard to find and long to use. Not anymore. You can find them. And you can use them in a couple of hours. With brokers that you find on comparison services you can even book the best foreign exchange rate and then make your transfer using it.


Even though the easiness of the best foreign exchange rate is not always excellent

The only bad point about the best foreign exchange rate is usually the fact that the money transfer service providing it to customers is not the easiest to use. It will mean that we have to make a certain investment in time in order to get the cheapest and fastest exchange rate for sending money abroad.


The best foreign exchange rate have never been so popular. We can get safe ones but also fast ones, quite easily. The cheapest exchange rate is also quite easy to find but using the service which provides us with the best foreign exchange rate is usually more complex than using another service. Just one point to improve before having a perfect foreign exchange rate to use to send money abroad frequently in the best comfort.


The ultimate expert interview explaining why we should compare exchange rates

Here is the first episode of our expert interviews about financial subjects. The idea is to speak about exchange rates. As there are more than 220 million people living abroad there is potentially a big interest for this boring subject. However we might find refreshing points so that it doesn’t remain boring anymore. Here is Heather Weaver’s interview, she is managing director at Finance Money Transfer Experts Ltd.


The information source of exchange rates: to be compared?

YES. There are many different sources of exchange rates. We know about Google exchange rates and there is also Yahoo (Yahoo Finance), Xe, Oanda, Reuters, neomy, openexchangerates, etc… All of them are good exchange rate sources. However they all differ slightly. Xe has just been acquired by a money transfer website so there are opportunistic reasons for them to feature a non-official exchange rate so that people might not know that there are being screwed because of the amount of hidden fees applied…

Anyway, the reason why we have to compare exchange rates is because whichever currency we take a look at such as EUR, USD, CNY, RUB, GBP or SAR, there are always differences between sources of information.

The provider of exchange rates: to be compared?

YES. Definitely. It’s probably the most important by the way. There are hidden fees applied by the money transfer operators. The hidden fees are fees that we don’t see obviously because there are hidden in the exchange rates. That’s why it’s good to compare the exchange rates offered by providers. Especially money transfer providers.


The graphs of exchange rates: to be compared?

YES. You need to compare the graphs because you know in finance it’s possible to make the financial KPIs talk even when there is nothing to say. Indeed an exchange rate graph based on 3 months is going to be different than one based on 2 years. Same for 3 days. People or organizations showing exchange rate graphs have to be considered liars before you trust them. So be careful cuz sometimes they want you to do something.


Yes we should compare exchange rates sources, yes we should compare exchange rates providers, and yes we should compare exchange rates graphs. Those comparisons are needed because there is a lot of money at stake.

How Europeans’ holidays have changed according to eur usd evolution

My parents went to new york no longer than 7 years ago and believe me their holidays were very different than mine in 2016.


How the eur usd exchange rate complicated my holidays

Have you ever heard European people around you talk about how awesome it is to go shopping in New-York ? If you have heard this several times in your life like I have, try asking them when they went shopping in New york for the last time.In other words, what is the eur usd exchange rate they had when they were there ?

This may seem exaggerated but surely isn’t !

If you take the example of my parents, the eur usd exchange rate was around 1€ = 1,50 usd when they visited New-York in 2009. Well, the same eur usd exchange rate I had in 2016 was 1€ = ……. 1,10 usd. In other words, a 36% gap difference !

Concrete impact of the (very) low eur usd exchange rate on your holidays

First budget if you ought to spend 1 week in New-York: your hotel/Airbnb. Well, when you start digging in the different locations which aren’t too expensive, you still find out that is is very complicated to find anything below 100 usd per night for 2 people in New-York. This represents 90 € on a eur usd exchange rate of 2016 whereas it “only” represents 66€ on the €/USD exchange rate my parents had not so long ago. Times 7, I have already lost more than 160 € for 7 nights.

In my example the plan won’t come second as it was far more expensive to catch a plane to NYC in 2009 than it is today in 2016.

Meanwhile, our European holidays in New York won’t be cheaper for this reason. Indeed, then comes the food. Let’s say if you pay 50 usd for a normal restaurant for 2 people, in 2016 this represents 45,5 € vs 33,3 € in 2009… and this is without counting the 15-20% additional tip you must leave systematically ! If we consider eating out twice per day during our 7 day trip, this is an additional +200 € gap on our 7 days holidays…

Example aren’t missing and we could go on for a while. In the end, European holidays in the US definitely have a different tast today than they used to have a couple of years ago. All I know now is that I won’t return to the US before the eur usd exchange rate has evolved in favor of the euro.


Exchange rates for dummies

When sending money abroad it is very important to understand how exchange rates work. Before becoming an expat I had vague souvenirs them from my economics classes in high-school. As I hated it, I had a very bad understanding of exchange rates but it all changed when I first needed to send money back home.



Exchange rate definition

First of all, no one is able to evaluate a currency in absolute terms. Therefore the value of a certain currency is given in relation with another one. This relation is called exchange rate and it represents the amount of foreign currency you can buy with one unit of your currency. So USD-EUR will be different from USD-GBP for example.

Here is how you see it written: GBP/USD = 1,289. It means that with 1 British pound you can get 1,289 US dollars.

All exchange rates are defined on the foreign exchange market. But states have the authority to decide which exchange rate regime to choose. There are two options here:

  • Fixed: it means that the currency rate is fixed compared to another one.
  • Free-floating: the currency rate is changing depending on the demand and off on the foreign exchange market.

The importance of exchange rates when sending money internationally

Another characteristic of exchange rates is that they are unstable and can change very quickly and it is not always in your favor. This means that there are good moments to make international transfers and bad ones.

What happens when you transfer money with your bank for example? Most of the time you will not have any visibility on the exchange that they have applied and it is generally very poor compared to the real one.

It is the same when you are using money transfer operators such as Western Union. Most of the time they sell you free international transfers with no fees. Interesting isn’t it? It is actually not free because they make money on the exchange rate, applying poor ones.

As you have understood, paying attention to exchange rates when sending money abroad is crucial. Especially if you want to optimize your transfers.


The exchange rate article of your dreams

The rate is important when it comes to exchanging currencies. Exchanging currencies is important too. That’s why we all need to know what is the exchange rate article of your dreams. I have to mention that I’ve been helped by moneytis in this matter. I don’t want to exchange articles with anyone but exchanging rates is their speciality. I also have to admit that I’m speaking of my dreams mainly because I have  no idea which dreams you made recently. Any dream that looks too hot for you might not match your kind of dreams. Neither mine. Indeed I usually fly during my dreams. So here is the explanation article about my flying dreams concerning exchange rates.

I dream I fly. I dream the exchange rate flies. Your dreams exchange. Dream-rate the article exchange for sure.

When I dream I can fly I’m not that happy. The thing is I try later to apply it to my real-life. In my real life I sometimes need to deal with exchange rates. For example at airports when I have too much foreign currencies or simply to pay my rent back in my home country, Portugal.

Yes it’s interesting to dream a bit about a good exchange rate because when you are used to deal with currencies exchanges and banks you easily realize that you quickly get wrapped in the fur. In today’s life it’s necessary to fight in order to not get screwed up. I don’t like to fight physically but I fought smartly by using moneytis on this matter.


After nightmares I exchanged rates for dreams. Didn’t work. Still flying.

Did you ever try to make the most of an exchange rate? I would say it’s simple to work. It’s simple to search. But it’s complex to find out about exchange rates. Indeed each time I dream about it I cannot catch the one I want. Same as with PokemonGo when you are hangover.

Anyway we should be speaking about more serious and safe ways. For example using moneytis is a good guarantee to stop being schizophrenia. Indeed it’s an accurate comparison and I receive the USD-EUR exchange rate weekly.

Last but not least I have to say when I speak about Trump and Cristiano Ronaldo -did I?- I’m speaking about other subjects than the dream we are interested in. I want to apologize if it makes you feel it’s a nonsense but you have to understand that I have been looking into 785 money transfer operators, banks, currency specialists and brokers to find out what is the exchange rate right now. And I found 785 different exchange rates. I feel like I’m going to disappear slowly….