New Year Eve’s exchange rate promotions

The New Year Eve is coming and there will be plenty of exchange rate promotions. I mean plenty of banks, brokers, currency specialists and money transfer operators which will claim they have the best promotions and they are the cheapest for you to exchange currencies.

What are the most interesting promotions for New Year Eve’s exchange rates?

According to, there are +200 money transmitters providing interesting exchange rates:

  • Supercapital
  • Transferwise
  • Worldremit
  • Azimo
  • Xendpay

And +195 others. And we don’t even speak about banks. The reason why we don’t speak about them is because on average they take 8% hidden fees on the exchange rate.

Which ones are the most interesting? That’s a good question. We can’t know in advance as even today the exchange rate that is provided by Transferwise is not the best one whereas it was yesterday. The market is fluctuating a lot and it’s the reason why you can’t figure out which operator is the cheapest before the day you need it.


How to find the best New Year Eve’s exchange rate promotions?

As stated above, you can’t before the day you really need to. So the solution is to use an exchange rate comparison service. According to my recent studies the most accurate way to know which service offers which exchange rate promotions is to use the exchange rate comparator Moneytis. Moneytis stands for Money transfer is simple. The website provides the rates of all the best money transmitters in real-time so that at the very moment when we need to send money abroad or exchange currencies we can trust the service to provide us with the best option.

Even though there are multiple promotions for the New Year Eve it’s complex to know where to find the best ones. Using a comparison service to have accurate information is a wise choice.